Regal Lodge, Kentford

Lillie Langtry is probably Kentford's most illustrious resident from the past. Renowned as the beautiful Jersey Belle, a favoured artist's model, a famous actress, entrepreneur of soap, horse-owner and of course mistress to the Prince of Wales. She bought and developed Regal Lodge on the Gazeley Road/ Herringswell Road crossroads as a grand late 19th century "palace". Today they are now luxury apartments, and Lillie's legacy is recognised in the new developments of Regal Meadows and Jersey Meadows.

The Bell Inn, Bury Road

One of two great modern day pubs on Bury Road along with The Kentford.

Here we have the Bell Inn, Bury Road, at the cross-roads between Kennett an Kentford; Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

c. 1920. The Bell Inn dates from the 16th century and was reputably a Frequent Haunt of Highwayman Dick Turpin.

The Bury Road, Kentford

Quieter times, the big white house started life as Chain Farm. This was one of two farms in Kentford which owned most of the village. before becoming Meddler Stud.

The Remains Of The Packhorse Bridge

Click on the above title to find out more about the old bridge that existed before the modern age. The photograph was taken at the beginning of the 20th century, when just a small section of the Packhorse bridge remained. Today a new bridge has replaced the bridge on the right, allowing heavy lorries to travel along Bury Road. The joy of progress.

Spend a moment at the Packhorse bridge garden between the bridge and the river ( close to the village sign)

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